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What Powers StockGPT?

“If there is a way to beat the stock market, this is it! You’ll find ongoing proof in their medium-term comprehensive performance tracking which shows them beating the S&P500 by 3 times” – Samsy S.

StockGPT generates recommendations based on the latest stock market data. Our “AI engine” analyzes large amounts of information and uses complex algorithms to generate “Algo Predictions” for each stock. These predictions are based on the probability of what the future price action of a stock is likely to be based on historical learnings of past market behaviors.

Stocks & ETFs of All Major World Markets:
AI-Based Algorithmic Stock Market Ranking and Prediction Tool (Updates everyday)

Ai-Based Crypto Ranking & Rating Tool (Updates everyday)

Once we make a recommendation, we stay accountable by tracking its performance for 3 months. This allows investors to look back at how our recommendations from a month ago, a week ago, or even a day ago are performing. This level of transparency helps build trust and credibility in our models.

Stocks & ETFs:
Medium-Term Performance Tracking: The Previous 3 Months of Recommendations Actively Tracked (Updates everyday)

Ai-Based Crypto Ranking & Rating Tool (Updates everyday)

StockGPT’s “AI engine” has been trained on 30 years of historical data snapshots of significance. We’ve analyzed uptrending, downtrending, and sideways markets to build predictive insights from probabilities that we can rely on to power the algorithmic models for the future.

Stocks & ETFs:
Long-Term Historical Analysis: Predictive Insights From 30 Years of Stock Market Data (Updates everytime market makes a significant(~10%) swings up or down)

Ai-Based Crypto Ranking & Rating Tool (Updates everyday)

Ultimately it’s the human touch that makes all the difference. As an algorithmic trader, I bring real-world experience and expertise to the table, helping to guide and refine our AI models. While I provide human insight and judgment to the process, we try to stay true to the data and algorithmic principles as much as possible.

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